The Six Biggest Instagram Mistakes to Avoid at All Costs

Instagram is a fun and creative platform that is all about visual stimuli. To engage with your audience at the highest levels possible, there are a number of mistakes that you want to avoid. Instagram mistakes are common from both veteran users and budding brands, and we’ll help you stay away from these errors. The biggest Instagram mistakes include: 

1 – Spam 

Yes, you’re very excited to share your products, brand, and services with other Instagrammers all over the world. But, before you go post-wild, pause for a moment. One of the biggest pet peeves of most social media users is spam. You need to pay close attention to what your followers engage with, and put a hard focus on providing your followers with the content that catches their attention. Post a few times a day, and space these posts out to avoid overkill. 

2 – Failing to Engage Your Audience 

Since Instagram is a visual-based social media platform, engagement can take a little more finesse. It’s not a one-way conversation, and you want to use techniques that provoke your followers to respond, discuss, and engage with your brand. Commenting on and sharing customer posts inspires loyalty. Over time, more users will come to your page to see what you’re posting and promoting. 

3 – Forgoing Networking

One big social mistake that traps a lot of people is forgetting to network. No matter if your brand is B2C or B2B, you should always remember to network on Instagram. Follow other businesses and people in your field, follow experts in your field, and interact with them. Eventually, they’ll start returning the favor, and this will get your brand valuable exposure from their follower base. 

4 – Skipping Stories 

If you only use Instagram to post pictures, you could be missing out on one huge aspect of the platform. Instagram Stories is arguably one of the most valuable features you can use. This feature lets you post several photos or videos in a way that builds a narrative. You can demonstrate to your followers what a day in your business is like, give them a behind-the-scenes look at your products, and display your company’s culture. 

Biggest social media mistakes

5 – Not Being Consistent 

Your brand can create a solid image simply through the photos that you post. If your photos are all over the place and not consistent, this can create an unwanted reputation for your brand. You’ll look disorganized, and this can make your followers hesitant to interact with your brand or try your products or services. 

6 – Not Having a Purpose to Your Posts 

You need to have a rock-solid marketing strategy in place when you post your photos. If you simply toss photos out without a plan, your followers can get confused and have a difficult time following your brand’s message. Before you upload anything, have a plan in place and make sure your images support your key objectives. 

These are the six biggest Instagram mistakes that social media strategists make, and each one can create unnecessary problems for your business or brand. Avoiding them can help your brand thrive on this platform.

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Andrej Miklosik

Andrej Miklosik

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