A colleague leaves your company… here’s what to do about it Kontentino

So, your colleague is leaving your company and except for a goodbye party 😉 , here are a few things to remember:

  • delete your colleague from Kontentino (they will no longer have access to the browser-based Kontentino, nor the mobile application)
  • check all posts that your ex-colleague might have scheduled, because they are not going to be published, not even if the person scheduled the posts beforehand in Publishing Tools -> Scheduled Posts on Facebook

That’s basically it, but depending on processes in your company, you might wanna check the following as well:

  • remove your colleague from Facebook Business Manager – so as they no longer have access to your clients’ pages
  • make sure your colleague is not signed-in in any of your Instagram profiles, maybe changing the passwords is a good idea
  • make sure to remove their role from each LinkedIn page they managed
  • make sure to change passwords for all Twitter profiles they managed
  • and last, but not least, change the password for your internal agency tools they might have used

Remember, GDPR is here and you should be always aware of who has access to the personal data your company processes 😉 .


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Ivan Hanák

Ivan Hanák

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