Manage your whole LinkedIn page in Kontentino!

We are happy to announce that Kontentino is currently one of the very few social media tools (if any even available) allowing you to manage your LinkedIn Business Page completely.

With Kontentino you can create, craft and schedule all the post formats currently available on LinkedIn, including LinkedIn native video or even link carousels 😉

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Image source: http://www.prnewsonline.com/linkedin-video-interview

With live preview in Kontentino, you can easily plan and schedule all of your regular LinkedIn content.

Live post preview in Kontentino

What’s more?

With Kontentino, you can include company @mentions within your posts as well as use audience targeting and have it scheduled all in once!



Collaborate, approve & schedule
social media content with Kontentino

Ivan Hanák

Ivan Hanák

🍤🍣🍺🥑🍫🏋️...screw this description, it is just like on Tinder!
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