The 14 Best Agorapulse Alternatives in 2021

Are you looking for a tool that would make a great alternative to Agorapulse?

It goes without saying that Agorapulse is among the most established social media management tools. Nevertheless, it’s not the only one worth paying attention to. 

We’ll walk you through the most interesting Agorapulse alternatives to check out in 2021. Is it possible that right here you’ll find the perfect tool for your social media work? That’s our hope.

What is Agorapulse? 

Agorapulse, a social media management tool that allows businesses and marketers to keep track of all of their social media profiles in one place. AgoraPulse allows teams to organize themselves and manage their content plans professionally.

You can use Agorapulse to craft and arrange content, monitor social media channels, and produce reports of your performance.

✅ Agorapulse pros

There are a few shining features of Agorapulse that users may find attractive. Here’s what we identified on our list:

  • free (yet limited) version 
  • advanced community management options
  • Inbox Assistant for managing and distributing inbox requests
  • built-in social media monitoring & social listening tools
  • mobile app
  • user-friendly dashboard
  • Facebook Groups publishing
  • queue & requeue posting capabilities

⛔️ Agorapulse cons

Unfortunately, Agorapulse isn’t flawless. Here’s what its users, together with our thorough analysis, identified as Agorapulse’s disadvantages:

  • paid packages may be unaffordable 
  • content calendars lack basic features such as drafts
  • users reported issues with analytics and reporting
  • Instagram management needs a makeover
  • not the quickest customer service
  • some users find the mobile app buggy

Agorapulse pricing

Agorapulse offers plans for those that are just starting out, as well as for seasoned social media managers. They start with a free plan for one user, with quite limited options. It’s followed by a Pro plan for two users for $99 and a Premium plan for 4 users for $199. They do offer a custom Enterprise package.

Is Agorapulse the best tool for social media management? 

It’s no wonder Agorapulse is regarded as one of the most effective tools for complex social media management, as it’s loved by many businesses all around the World.

Agorapulse is particularly useful for SMBs, social media marketers, and smaller agencies that want to monitor and improve their online presence. Scheduling and reporting are made easy and very accessible to remote teams. Additionally, Agorapulse is powered up with community management features. 

However, there are many tools similar to Agorapulse that may meet the needs of even the most demanding social media managers. We obviously couldn’t resist checking them out, so we reviewed 14 alternative tools from head to toe and compared them.

Let’s have a look at the 14 lucky ones:

The best Agorapulse alternatives in 2021

#1 Kontentino

Kontentino was designed specifically for social media marketing agencies, so it precisely matches the requirements and needs of agencies. Check out why we find it to be an excellent alternative to Agorapulse.

source: kontentino.com

Apart from scheduling and analytics, Kontentino streamlines workflow and collaboration as well. 

What makes Kontentino a great Agorapulse alternative?

It’s way more than just a scheduler. Apart from the fact that it does support scheduling across most popular social media platforms, it is a tool for complex social media management too.

Kontentino also offers a variety of features that help social media managers work more efficiently, replacing communication and task management tools.  

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Extremely intuitive content approval features allow your team or clients to approve or reject content plans, edit them hassle-free, discuss, and leave feedback.

🎯 Key features

  • direct social media scheduling (including Instagram and a personal profile on LinkedIn)
  • content approval options
  • collaboration & workflow features

✅ Kontentino pros

  • various features to boost collaboration
  • easily understandable analytics on page and post levels
  • activity tracker
  • post requirement checklists
  • fully interactive content calendars
  • tags & labels
  • live post previews
  • very functional mobile app
  • competitive analysis features included
  • social inbox for managing Facebook and Instagram requests
  • media library for effective asset management

⛔️ Kontentino cons

  • no social listening options
  • lack of posting to groups features
  • no free version

💵 Kontentino pricing

Unlike other social media tools, on the lowest package here you get access to 3 users instead of just 1! You can also choose from a range of higher packages and add-on features. As little as $53 a month is all it costs to start using Kontentino.

Is Kontentino better than Agorapulse?

Agency social media managers and teams with numerous clients, platforms, and posts may prefer Kontentino. There are unmatched options for collaboration and streamlining workflows with Kontentino. Furthermore, the drag-and-drop solution makes it really easy to use even for those who have never created content calendars before. Other tools often make onboarding a difficult process, while here both customer support and resources are at your disposal. 

#2 Buffer

In a straightforward and intuitive manner, Buffer helps social media marketers plan campaigns across multiple platforms. Take a look at Buffer’s social media management features and see how they can help you with your everyday work.

source: buffer.com

Buffer also offers several features for facilitating other social media marketing tasks that you and your team may face. 

What makes Buffer a great Agorapulse alternative?

Buffer is a social media management suite that can be very helpful for social media managers, small and medium companies, as well as freelancers and solopreneurs. It is likely that everyone will find a feature that appeals to them. If you want to do really thorough research, you might want to check out also other Buffer alternatives.

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Chrome’s direct scheduling extension makes scheduling even easier and quicker than ever before. 

🎯 Key features

  • internal image editing tools (Pablo)
  • link shortener tools
  • WordPress integration

✅ Buffer pros

  • intuitive, user-friendly dashboard
  • all-in-one social inbox for customer service on social media
  • free, limited version
  • tutorials and educational resources
  • advanced social media analytics
  • mobile app
  • various integrations

⛔️ Buffer cons

  • it’s rather on the pricey side 
  • requires buying separate apps in order to use it to its fullest potential
  • onboarding may be found difficult
  • limited free package
  • basic data reports
  • not suitable for extensive collaboration or organizing workflow

💵 Buffer pricing

There is a free, yet limited plan offered by Buffer. Modules cost $15/month each, with packages running up to $99/month. Taking into account social networks, however, the packages still remain limited.  Furthermore, there are larger packages designed for enterprises, but for a whopping $399/month. 

Is Buffer better than Agorapulse?

Buffer may be a better alternative to Agorapulse in terms of social media content calendar options and analytics, while reporting is often considered buggy in the latter.

#3 Hootsuite

There are a lot of social media management applications available for agencies to use, such as Hootsuite. Hootsuite has made its mark as one of the most valuable and most widely used social media tools around – and here’s why. 

source: hootsuite.com

The truth is, Hootsuite isn’t one of the best social media scheduling tools out there. It’s more than just scheduling software, since it supports more tasks and gives social media managers more flexibility.

What makes Hootsuite a great Agorapulse alternative?

Hootsuite is an all-in-one tool for social media marketers. A tool of this kind could be used throughout an organization by different departments.  

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Combining social media management, social monitoring, and customer service on social media features.

🎯 Key features

  • scheduling even over niche platforms (Google My Business)
  • various external integrations
  • paid ads analytics

✅ Hootsuite pros

  • free yet limited version and a long, free trial
  • advanced analytics
  • educational resources
  • social inbox
  • mobile app
  • collaboration features

⛔️ Hootsuite cons

  • interface is not user-friendly
  • lack of live post previews
  • the cost can quickly escalate (extra features require higher packages)
  • onboarding can be overwhelming
  • doesn’t support all post types
  • considered as outdated by many users

💵 Hootsuite pricing

You can use Hootsuite for free to manage 1 account, 2 social media profiles and 5 scheduled posts on selected platforms. There aren’t too many options there. Plan prices range from $19/month to a jaw-dropping $599/month for selected packages. 

Is Hootsuite better than Agorapulse?

Hootsuite provides better analytics and more interactive content calendars than Agorapulse. If you want to have even more options when deciding on the right social media management tool for you, check out Hootsuite alternatives.

#4 eClincher

Another option for social media marketers and agencies that are looking to maximize their social media management is eClincher. It comes with a number of features for effective community management and social media posting, making it a viable solution.

source: eClincher.com

What else is in eClincher that will catch your social media manager’s attention? We will uncover those features straight away.

What makes eClincher a great Agorapulse alternative?

In eClincher, you have access to social media management tools to streamline many processes within one dashboard. 

✨ The “Shining star” feature

eClincher integrates with various marketing tools, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing management. 

🎯 Key features

  • live feeds for social media channels
  • community management options
  • supports TikTok management

✅ eClincher pros

  • handy Chrome extension
  • auto-publishing with RSS feeds
  • influencer search
  • social monitoring features (hashtags and keywords)
  • customized content calendar links
  • built-in link shortener
  • bulk scheduling
  • an image library with free creative assets

⛔️ eClincher cons

  • it comes across as a pricey tool
  • no free version
  • limited mobile app
  • unintuitive dashboard
  • difficult onboarding
  • collaboration & workflow boosters available only in higher packages

💵 eClincher pricing

Prices for eClincher start at $59/month for a very basic and rather limited version. It can be quite expensive to use the tool with user add-ons.

Is eClincher better than Agorapulse?

eClincher comes with many handy integrations with marketing tools you may use on a daily basis. A unique feature of the app is the ability to manage TikTok. 

#5 CoSchedule

CoSchedule is one of the most commonly used solutions for social media management all over the World. Multiple departments within a company can use it since it offers various features to boost content management.

source: CoSchedule.com

There are many social media marketing tools out there. CoSchedule may represent a viable alternative to some of them. 

What makes CoSchedule a great Agorapulse alternative?

Social media channels are not the only ones supported by CoSchedule. Using this tool, you can manage your content across multiple platforms. 

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Integration with various CMS solutions allows content activities to be connected quickly. 

🎯 Key features

  • great overview of marketing strategy execution
  • task management
  • SEO tools (hints and headline analyzer)

✅ CoSchedule pros

  • internal workflow boosters
  • Chrome extension
  • collaboration features
  • content recycling features
  • content library
  • free trial, no credit card required

⛔️ CoSchedule cons

  • it’s an expensive SMM tool
  • not user-friendly interface
  • overwhelming onboarding
  • unclear pricing
  • no free version

💵 CoSchedule pricing

The marketing calendar package at Coschedule costs $29/month after the free trial. If you’re interested in CoSchedule’s Marketing Suite (which has tons of collaborative options), you need to inquire about the price. 

Is CoSchedule better than Agorapulse?

Compared to Agorapulse, CoSchedule comes with more features to work together on your overall content marketing strategy.

#6 SocialPilot

Among all of the available social media marketing tools, SocialPilot has made its mark as one of the best to try. Built for SMBs, marketing teams, and agencies, it provides a variety of options for streamlining everyday tasks. 

source: socialpilot.co

We examined why SocialPilot may be worth testing for those looking for Agorapulse alternatives.  

What makes SocialPilot a great Agorapulse alternative?

Small businesses that regularly post on multiple social channels will benefit from Social Pilot. Up to 200 accounts can be managed and 500 posts scheduled in one go with SocialPilot.

✨ The “Shining star” feature

It has never been easier for designers and publishers to post graphic assets thanks to their integration with Canva. 

🎯 Key features

  • built-in URL shortener
  • bulk scheduling
  • CRM functionalities integrated into the platform

✅ SocialPilot pros

  • affordable pricing
  • collaboration options
  • social inbox (on higher tier plans)
  • simple analytics
  • team roles
  • white label features

⛔️ SocialPilot cons

  • UX needs makeover
  • there is no round-the-clock customer support
  • difficult onboarding

💵 SocialPilot pricing

The monthly price for SocialPilot starts at $25, which is quite affordable. If you want to try it out first, there is a free 14-day trial available. 

Is SocialPilot better than Agorapulse?

SocialPilot is a viable alternative to Agorapulse thanks to its pricing and integrations. 

#7 SproutSocial

Sprout Social’s social media management features are used by thousands of businesses around the World. Content management, analytics, and community management are all available as part of the platform. 

 In the case that you’re looking for a robust tool for managing your social media profiles, Sprout Social is a great choice.

source: SproutSocial.com

It’s suitable for social media marketers, SMBs, solopreneurs, and marketing agencies. 

What makes Sprout Social a great alternative to Agorapulse?

It comes with a range of tools that can boost workflow throughout your entire company.

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Integration with the social CRM system to ensure social media management is handled in the most holistic manner. 

🎯 Key features

  • built-in competitor performance analytics
  • sentiment analysis
  • social inbox

✅ Sprout Social pros

  • social listening features
  • keyword tracking
  • customer segmentation
  • mobile app
  • very advanced reporting options
  • content recycling features (reQueue)
  • long, free trial (30 days)

⛔️ Sprout Social cons

  • LinkedIn management needs improvement
  • not the most user-friendly dashboard and interface
  • it’s on the pricey side
  • navigation and onboarding can be tough

💵 Sprout Spocial pricing

Sprout Social’s cheapest package costs $99/month, making it one of the most expensive Agorapulse alternatives. 

Is Sprout Social better than Agorapulse?

Sprout Social analytics make the tool unique, as it offers a wide range of reports that are unparalleled. But it comes at a (relatively high) price.

#8 MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar holds a position in our rank as well. Aimed at freelancers, entrepreneurs, and social media marketers, MeetEdgar can also prove helpful to small marketing teams.

source: MeetEdgar.com

With MeetEdgar, you can streamline your social media management across various platforms. 

Why is MeetEdgar a great alternative to Agorapulse?

In addition to using automatic variations for evergreen content, you can segment MeetEdgar content manually into categories for each social network. 

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Social media posts created on autopilot from articles by a smart content composer.

🎯 Key features

  • integrations via Zapier
  • posting to Facebook Groups
  • traffic source analytics

✅ MeetEdgar pros

  • browser extensions
  • content library
  • content recycling features
  • AI-driven insights
  • split-test social engagement features
  • affordable solution
  • URL shortener

⛔️ MeetEdgar cons

  • no free version
  • no advanced reporting
  • no 24/7 customer support
  • reporting could be improved
  • short trial
  • somewhat  obsolete UX

💵 MeetEdgar pricing

MeetEdgar pricing starts at $19/ month, and a package with more features and fewer limits comes across for $49 /month. 

Is MeetEdgar better than Agorapulse?

Both MeetEdgar and Agorapulse allow publishing to Facebook Groups. Pricing and AI-driven insights are better with MeetEdgar.

#9 Falcon.io

Falcon.io is a popular choice among social media managers, and for good reason. All around the World, agencies, SMBs, and marketing teams benefit from this solution. 

source: falcon.io

With Falcon.io, social media marketers can organize, schedule, and plan content just like most other platforms on this list.

✨ The “Shining star” feature

A channel management system keeps communication in one place and simplifies the process of setting up workflows between them. 

🎯 Key features

  • social ads management
  • merging CRM with analytics
  • custom landing page creator

✅ Falcon.io pros

  • competitive analysis features
  • social listening options
  • efficient customer service
  • many onboarding resources
  • intuitive UX

⛔️ Falcon.io cons

  • even the lowest package is expensive
  • difficulty measuring results
  • not all post types are supported for scheduling
  • rather an enterprise solution

💵 Falcon.io pricing

The lowest package costs $108/month, which makes it several times more expensive than other solutions in this rank. Custom pricing is also available. 

Is Falcon.io better than Agorapulse?

With Falcon.io you can manage social media communication, track analytics, and manage customer experience all in one place. 

#10 Crowdfire

The Crowdfire social media management tool is flexible and will work for businesses of any size. Companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and brands can use it to leverage their power.

source: crowdfireapp.com

Through its feature-rich platform, Crowdfire offers an impressive social media management experience.

What makes Crowdfire a great alternative to Agorapulse? 

Crowdfire is a simple, yet powerful tool that comes with a free trial or a free version for those who don’t require much social media management. 

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Crowdfire provides support for external integrations, such as those with Shopify, WordPress, or Etsy. 

🎯 Key features

  • Content curation
  • Topic-based discovery of relevant content
  • Image recommendations
  • Mention tracking

✅ Crowdfire pros

  • various onboarding content
  • offers a free (yet very limited) version
  • Queue Meter
  • UX is simple and easy to navigate through

⛔️ Crowdfire cons

  • social listening and social inbox features available only with higher priced packages
  • analytics cover only a maximum of 90 days of data
  • no collaborative features
  • Pinterest is not supported in the free version

💵 Crowdfire pricing

A free version of Crowdfire (with up to 3 linked accounts and 10 scheduled posts) is available. Subscriptions to their paid plan start at $7.48/month.

Is Crowdfire better than Agorapulse? 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive yet effective solution for managing your social media sites, Crowdfire is a good option. They offer a free plan that is still limited, but more advanced than Agorapulse. 

#11 ContentCal

We present another position in our rank that is perfect for social media managers in many different industries. With ContentCal, social media management on a large scale can be made easier.

source: ContentCal.io

The decision to use ContentCal is an informed one for social media managers looking to use social media in a more strategic way. 

What makes ContentCal a great alternative to Agorapulse? 

ContentCal is a platform that manages content on various digital channels and facilitates the process of planning, creating, and publishing it.

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Sharing assets and campaign briefs via shared folders is made easy with the built-in Campaign Manager tool.

🎯 Key features

  • Social Inbox for messages and mentions
  • Instagram Story and hashtag analysis
  • Charts and graphs for tracking progress and performance

✅ ContentCal pros

  • web clipper
  • live post previews
  • very user-friendly UX
  • collaboration features

⛔️ ContentCal cons

  • Instagram management needs a makeover
  • bulk scheduling is not applicable
  • lack of advanced analytics and reporting
  • no possibility to buy the lowest package on a monthly basis, only annual payment is possible

💵 ContentCal pricing

ContentCal’s pricing is complicated. The lowest package, which costs $17/ month, is only available in annual payments, so you’ll have to multiply that amount by 12. A custom quote must be requested if you need more than 3 users.  

Is ContentCal better than Agorapulse?

Though ContentCal is more focused on collaboration and tracking performance, its scheduling options could be improved. 

#12 Oktopost

Social media managers can manage scheduling and reporting by using Oktopost. However, this tool also has a few other interesting features. 

source: Oktopost.com

Oktopost helps businesses publish content, measure their ROI, engage with customers, and convert social traffic. 

What makes it a great Agorapulse alternative? 

Oktopost gives users the chance to analyze their social media activities in detail, which makes it close to a perfect social media management tool. 

✨ The “Shining star” feature

The employee advocacy feature in Oktopost allows your employees to discover, share, and recommend pre-approved content right from their personal profiles.

🎯 Key features

  • smart scheduling
  • 10+ marketing integrations
  • advanced analytics

✅ Oktopost pros

  • intuitive editorial calendars
  • social steams
  • competitor analysis
  • collaboration features
  • attribution setup
  • link shortening
  • posting to social media groups (also LinkedIn)

⛔️ Oktopost cons

  • non-transparent pricing
  • no free trial
  • onboarding needs improvement
  • won’t be a good fit for everyone

💵 Oktopost pricing

The only way to get pricing for Oktopost is to request a demo, which is a disadvantage. 

Is Oktopost better than Agorapulse?

With Oktopost, you have access to a lot of analytics tools and integrations that enable you to do better work. Its unclear pricing, however, makes it difficult to try out and make a decide on. 

#13 NapoleonCat

NapoleonCat is another tool designed for social media managers and agencies. Its extensive scheduling and analytics capabilities make social media management a breeze.

source: NapoleonCat.com

NapoleonCat simplifies the management and automation of marketing campaigns for agencies and marketers.

What makes it a great Agorapulse alternative?

NapoleonCat combines the best of both worlds: social media management options and community management features. 

✨ The “Shining star” feature

A very interactive social inbox offers multiple formulas, templates, and automation rules for collaboration and engagement.

🎯 Key features

  • user-friendly UX
  • various automation options for community management
  • scheduled client reporting

✅ NapoleonCat pros

  • collaborative features
  • presenting data in a nice way
  • good customer support
  • integration with Google My Business
  • paid advertising support

⛔️ NapoleonCat cons

  • Syncing accounts takes a long time
  • limited customization possibilities
  • limited data sets
  • no free version available

💵 NapoleonCar pricing

When paid annually, prices start at $21/month. Users can customize their packages and prices with a flexible calculator. A customized enterprise pricing model is also available. 

Is NapoleonCat better than Agorapulse?

NapoleonCat focuses on “automating everything” when it comes to social media management, community management, and also customer service on social media. They do not have a free version of the software, but their prices are reasonable.

#14 Later

Last but not the least, here’s Later. It is one of the most popular social media management tools used by marketers all over the World. For many, it is only associated with Instagram management, however, it supports more platforms and tasks.

source: later.com

Later simplifies social media posting and workflow connected to posting many posts on many platforms. 

What makes Later a great Agorapulse alternative?

Through Later, you can leverage better visual representations of effective social media management across various social media platforms. 

✨ The “Shining star” feature

Linkin.bio is an Instagram profile mini site that is integrated with Later.com.

🎯 Key features

  • Best Time to Post features with data-driven insights
  • integration with IG stories and TikTok
  • niche-specific hashtag suggestions

✅ Later pros

  • very comprehensive Instagram management
  • great, easy to grasp UX
  • free version available
  • free link tool
  • advanced analytics

⛔️ Later cons

  • lack of LinkedIn publishing
  • lack of support for videos or multiple photos in one post
  • Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest management need improvement
  • no collaboration features

💵 Later pricing

Later offers a free version that should be enough for solopreneurs or freelancers. A paid plan, starting at only $9/month, gives you access to more features. 

Is Later better than Agorapulse?

Later offers many features and is particularly handy if your focus is mainly on Instagram. Further, its basic features are included in a free version, and it’s still reasonably priced if you want access to more. 

Are there more alternatives to Agorapulse?

There are, of course. Today, marketers have more tools that can help them manage social media for a variety of social media-related tasks. In one of our previous articles, we even listed 40 social media management tools to test in 2021. 

We believe, however, that the list above is the most accurate for replacing Agorapulse features, especially in terms of complex scheduling and analytics.

What is the best alternative to Agorapulse, then?

Well, like with everything…

source: GIPHY.com

There are a few points you may want to clarify first. 

Why you need a social media management tool

First, you should verify why you need a social media management tool. What keeps you up at night: improving your workflow, streamlining your scheduling, or analyzing your data? Which bottleneck would you like your social media management tool to remedy? Will a tool really solve it, or will it require a deeper investigation?

You can narrow the list of tools by answering this question. Our list of Agorapulse alternatives is centered around collaboration, analytics, and scheduling. Because not all tools are appropriate for all cases, it’s so important to identify the “why” before digging into your research and testing all tools at once. 

Who is going to use the tool

Then, you should take a look at who is going to use the tool. Are you the only one involved, or will your entire team use it? How literate are you with social media management tools? Have you only used Agorapulse, or there were more tools on your roadmap?

If your entire team is to use the tool, make sure it is going to be the right choice for them. Test solutions out, discover what they like and what is not intuitive for them, and let them select which one they like the most. Additionally, specify whether your clients should use the tool or not. Some alternatives to Agorapulse (e.g. Kontentino) offer amazing features for facilitating efficient collaboration, so you don’t want to miss out on testing them.  The size of your team will also affect the number of users you need to buy licenses for.

Evaluate your workflow

The third step is to evaluate your workflow. Should the tool fit into it, or do you want to build a brand new workflow around a tool? Do you want to change your workflow completely, or would you like to revamp it with your new tool? What is there in Agorapulse that you are looking for?

And then, probably something you would have started with if not for our tips – features. Are there any features you would like to see in Agorapulse? Which of those features would you use most frequently?  What role does scheduling social media posts play in your daily work? Are you looking for social listening capabilities, or do you already have a dedicated tool for this? It may turn out that a complex social media management tool will not only assist you with existing tasks, but also automate extra tasks and replace other social media tools you’ve been using. 

Budget for social media management tools

The fourth step – budget. The pricing of social media management tools is not flexible, so you need to allocate some budget range for it. A custom solution offers the most customized features, but will also be the most expensive. It may make sense to  use a  free trial (Kontentino offers one) and then purchase a low package and upgrade if you need to along the way. However, this should be considered as an investment rather than an expense. 

Choosing the well suited alternative is up to you

Is it time to dump Agorapulse and switch to a new tool, then? 

Not necessarily. 

You should always be aware of your options; who knows, maybe another tool will better suit your needs? 

No matter what you decide, test a few different options first. Diving in at the deep end too soon is a mistake. Perhaps you’ll fall in love with them all and making a decision will be a challenge.

However, it could also be the other way around – you won’t not like any of them and decide to stick to your current tool.

As they say: you never try, you’ll never know. 

And if you want to try, why not do so with Kontentino? We offer a generous 14-day trial, assist with onboarding, and will do our utmost to provide the best possible experience. Check out what we have up our sleeves!


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