30 Social Media Automation Tools to Enhance Your Marketing in 2021

In recent years we’ve seen a massive influx in social media tools flooding the marketing software space. From chatbots that utilize AI-powered NLP (natural language processing) to content curation tools that build bottomless pits of branded content, digital marketing strategists have all the resources they need to enhance their content marketing delivery.  

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Different tools exist for different types of businesses (and marketers), so it’s important to know exactly what your goals are and which features you need to look for. 

There’s a lot to swallow when it comes to choosing which platforms are the best to invest in, which is why we’ve compiled a list of 30 of the best social media automation, content automation, and chatbot tools to help you make an educated decision.

Social Media Automation Tools: 

Social media automation tools can help you with a lot of things on your to-do list. Thanks to them you can automate social media posts, manage multiple social accounts, monitor your social marketing progress and create detailed reports. These tools save marketers the headaches of disorganized workflows and inconsistent social presences.


Kontentino is trusted by over 4,000 brands and agencies to organize their internal communication and client collaboration. Manage multiple clients, create custom reports, collaborate with your entire team, all within a single easy to use platform. Users save up to 41% of their time wasted on menial tasks by incorporating Kontentino into their everyday workflow. 

Key features: 

  • Set restricted audiences 
  • Labeling and commenting built for collaboration 
  • Assign tasks and tag people 
  • Activity history to avoid confusion 
  • Drag and drop social calendar 
  • Send bulk assignments for multiple posts 
  • Analytics and benchmarking 
  • Content Plans
  • Mobile app
  • Client 1-click approval

Kontentino pricing:

$53/mo, $117/mo, 216/mo, custom enterprise pricing


source: crowdfireapp.com

Crowdfire integrates with your website to collect blog posts and store updates then automatically creates branded social media content. Schedule all of your posts in advance or use Crowdfire’s recommended sharing times to take advantage of peak engagement periods. Customize each post and tailor your content for every social network. 

Key features: 

  • Chrome extension for content curation 
  • RSS feeds 
  • Automated reporting 
  • Track mentions, comments and messages 
  • Automatic replies 
  • WordPress and Medium integration 
  • Timeline queue meter 

Crowdfire pricing:

Free plan, $7/mo, $37/mo, $74/mo


source: coschedule.com

CoSchedule organizes all of your marketing into one interactive, visual calendar. Schedule and share projects with your colleagues, attach documents, spreadsheets, files and presentations. Drag and drop assignment tags, prioritize tasks and plan posts through the Coschedule dashboard.

Key features:

  • Single content library 
  • Google Chrome extension 
  • Manage multiple users 
  • Catalogue files with custom taxonomies
  • Define priorities 
  • Apply repeatable workflows

CoSchedule pricing:

$29/mo for a Marketing calendar, custom pricing for Marketing Suite


source: later.com

Later is an Instagram-focused tool that also connects with other major social media networks. You can schedule a month’s worth of posts by simply dragging and dropping content into the visual planner. Find and share user-generated content through @mention, tags and hashtags search. Later will also automatically tag the original creator in your caption. 

Key features: 

  • Instagram story analytics 
  • Hashtags analytics 
  • Track CTR to your site from Instagram 
  • Shopify integration 
  • Linkin.bio Gallery 
  • Schedule and optimize content for TikTok

Later pricing:

$9/mo, $19/mo,$29/mo,$49/mo, custom enterprise pricing


source: buffer.com

Businesses, marketers and freelancers use Buffer to schedule posts to multiple social media platforms, analyze social KPIs and interact with their audience. Buffer is praised as one of the easiest to use social media automation tools on the market, making them a great choice for small businesses with simple marketing needs. 

Key features: 

  • Custom reports 
  • Stories and posts analytics 
  • Location and user tagging 
  • Instagram story planner 
  • e-shop grid editor 
  • Unified social inbox

Buffer pricing:

free plan, $15/mo, $99/mo, $199/mo, $399/mo


source: hotsuite.com

Hootsuite is one of the most popular social media tools out there with over 200,000 people using the platform every day to schedule posts and collect important data. The platform supports 20 social media networks, hosts a single social inbox and integrates with numerous apps. 

Key features: 

  • Ads optimization 
  • Slack integration 
  • Social analytics 
  • Educational resources 
  • Team metric tracking 
  •  Brandwatch, Talkwalker and ReviewTrackers audience listening 

$29/mo, $129/mo, $599/mo


source: socialpilot.co

Social Pilot is ideal for small businesses that deal with high post volumes across multiple social channels. Social Pilot lets you manage up to 200 accounts and schedule up to 500 posts in one go, all at an affordable price. They are also one of the few social media management tools that directly integrates CRM functionality into their platform

Key features: 

  • Automated RSS Feeds 
  • Bulk scheduling 
  • Control Facebook ad campaigns using Lead Ads or Boost Post 
  • Facebook and LinkedIn audience targeting 
  • Dropbox, Canva  and Google Drive integration

SocialPilot pricing:

$25.5/mo, $42.5/mo, $85/mo, $127.5/mo


source: falcon.io

Falcon.io’s intuitive content calendar lets you schedule both paid and organic posts, manage multiple social channels and plan campaigns. Their sentiment can determine whether a mention you are tracking on a social channel is positive, negative or neutral. 

Key features: 

  • Audits & analytics 
  • Content tailoring 
  • CRM integration 
  • Custom landing page builder

Falcon.io pricing:

Falcon.io differentiate between the full suite of tools and the essential tools. Essential tools will cost you $108/mo per seat. Price for the full suite of tools is discussed after demo.


source: socialflow.com

SocialFlow is an advanced tool that optimizes your social media scheduling, paid advertising and customer retention for maximum efficiency. Their algorithm can automatically dedicate time slots for when your posts will garner the most engagement. The Content Engine tool identifies your top-performing posts, filtering for performance, relevance, and brand safety then publishes the content directly into users’ feeds. 

Key features: 

  • Interest mapping 
  • Two-factor social login authentication
  • Post recycling 
  • Integrated RSS feeds 
  • Editorial controls for teams 
  • Downloadable reports 
  • RetentionStream technology to reduce churn rates

SocialFlow pricing:

Pricing available upon request.

Content Automation Tools:

Content automation tools host a plethora of features and products. Some aggregate content for curation purposes while others use the power of AI to identify audiences, generate, update, proofread and personalize content and even provide real-time SEO recommendations. 


source: flipboard.com

Flipboard is a multiplatform newsreader that aggregates articles, blogs, videos and social media into a personalized, dynamic content feed. Flipboard gives brands and publishers the ability to reach 100 million users worldwide with curated, shareable content. Popular publishers like CNN, Vogue, ESPN, Surfer and The Verge use Flipboard to produce and market niche-relevant content. 

Key Features: 

  • RSS feeds 
  • Interest Graph 
  • Thorough audience insights 
  • Embeddable Flipboard Widget 
  • Content curation 


source: getpocket.com

Pocket ammasses content from around the web and funnels user-relevant articles, images and videos into a single digestible feed. People use Pocket to find inspiration from various sources, identify trends, hot topics, industry breakthroughs and find hidden gems. Marketers can use the platform to discover where their target audience hangs out and what kind of content they’re interested in. 

Key features: 

  • Pocket app 
  • Daily newsletter 
  • Pocket for Firefox 
  • Save button browser extension 
  • Smart tags 
  • Twitter feed integration

Pocket pricing:

Free account, Premium (annual membership $35.99, monthly memberships $3.95


source: elink.io

Elink is a robust content management tool that boasts a large amount of integrations and features. Build Elink hosted web pages that automatically update on-page content and SEO. Create HTML newsletter for third party email marketing services and visual social bio link pages. 

Key features: 

  • RSS Feed Reader 
  • Automated content publishing 
  • Bookmark manager 
  • Social bio links 
  • Web extensions 
  • Canva integration 
  • SEO settings 
  • Customizable, responsive layouts 
  • Scheduled automation  

Elink.io pricing:

Free plan, Pro plan ($12/mo), Auto pilot ($36/mo)

Twitter Lists

source: twitter.com

Twitter lists let you compile, organize and personalize all of the Tweets in your timeline into a single List. You can create your own List and add users to them or remove users from them. Businesses can take advantage of Twitter Lists by spying on the competition, showcasing behind the scenes of their brand, engaging important people in your niche and conversing with their followers. 

Key features: 

  • Twitter’s Pinned Lists feature lets you easily switch between your Twitter Lists and primary timeline
  • Share Lists via direct message, link copying or Tweeting 
  • Bypass the Twitter algorithm and manually create a feed of relevant content


source: scoop.it

Scoop.it incorporates an advanced content engine that monitors top sources and curates content relevant to your audience. Search for content based on keywords or popularity, scan your favorite sites and organize your findings into a dynamic newsfeed. From there you can publish your curated content to your website, social media or newsletters. 

Key features: 

  • White label content integration 
  • Mailchimp integration 
  • Schedule and distribute content to major social channels 
  • Build brand trust with expert-generated content 

Scoop.it pricing:

Free, Pro $14.99/mo, Plus $67/mo, Enterprise – upon request


source: feedly.com

Feedly’s AI assistant Leo will track insights from across the web, learn your preferences, collect relevant content and share its learnings with you or your team. From Youtube to channels to Twitter feeds, Leo organizes content from your trusted sources into one feed. 

Key features: 

  • Up to 7,500 content sources 
  • Slack and Microsoft Teams integration 
  • API access 
  • Onboarding and training 
  • AI competitive intelligence 
  • SSO/SAML authentication 
  • Share to LinkedIn, Buffer, IFTTT, Zapier, and Hootsuite

Feedly pricing:

Pro $6, Pro+ $8.25, Enterprise – upon request


source: sniply.io

Sniply creates shortened, branded links for content you think would be relevant to your audience. Sniply also lets you create a CTA from content you shared directly to your website or landing page. 

Key features:

  • Track CTR from third party content to your site 
  • URL management tool 
  • Sniply API 
  • Add retargeting pixels to all of your created links 

Sniply pricing:

Basic $29/mo, Pro $79/mo, Business $149/mo, Agency $299/mo


source: curata.com

Curata is a content curation tool that utilizes machine learning to discover, organize, contextualize, publish and promote content through your website and social channels. Feed Curata a list of keywords, authors, news sources and bookmarked content and the algorithm will return relevant results from thousands of sources across the web. You can also use Curata to schedule and publish curated content to your social channels, newsletters and blog. 

Key features: 

  • SEO optimization 
  • HubSpot, Mailchimp, Marketo and Eloqua integration 
  • CRM integration 
  • Data analysis 
  • Great customer service 

Curata pricing:

Pricing available upon request


source: zapier.com

Zapier is a marketing automation platform that connects the apps you use the most and moves information between them automatically. Zapier integrated with over 3,000 apps including Google Sheets, Slack, Mailchimp, Twitter, Trello, Facebook Leads Ads and Discord. Zapier can send you Slack notifications when someone fills out a form in Typeform.

Key features: 

  • Organize all of your leads in one place 
  • Customize Zaps with no coding required
  • Hire an in-house Zapier expert

Zapier pricing:

Free plan, Starter $19.99/mo, Professional $49/mo, Team $299/mo, Company $599/mo


source: activecampaign.com

ActiveCampaign is a content automation tool, CRM, and email marketing platform all bundled together. ActiveCampaign lets you automate a variety of specific actions including email follow-ups, lead nurturing and Facebook ads through a drag-and-drop automation builder. You can even automate lead segmentation so the right contacts receive the right information at the right time. 

Key features: 

  • Sales CRM with contact management automation 
  • Automated email funnels 
  • Schedule emails for a specific date and time 
  • Drag-and-drop email builder 
  • Google Chrome extension 
  • Mobile app 
  • Machine learning data analytics

ActiveCampaign pricing:

Pricing depends on the number of contacts. For 500 contact you will pay: Lite $9/mo, Plus $49/mo, Professional $129/mo, Enterprise $229/mo

Chatbot Tools:

According to Outgrow, 53% of customers are more likely to shop with businesses that they can message. Thanks to recent advances in advanced AI and neural language processing, chatbots are skyrocketing in popularity within businesses large and small. 


source: botsify.com

Botsify lets you create automated AI chatbots for your website, Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS. Bostify’s chatbot can speak up to 190 languages thanks to their Google Translate integration. With Botsify’s suite of 100+ integrations you can store user information, capture leads, save information to your CRM and communicate with your team.

Botsify pricing: 

  • $40/month, 2 chatbots, 5k Users /Month ($10 / 1000 additional users)
  • $125/month, 5 chatbots, 15k Users /Month ($10 / 1000 additional users)
  • $415/month, 20 chatbots, unlimited monthly users 
  • Custom enterprise pricing

Flow XO

source: flowxo.com

Flow XO lets you create dynamic chatbots for your website and Facebook that answer simple user queries, gather information, engage with customers 24/7 and even accept payments. With  Flow OX’s many integrations you can connect a trigger to a user action on an integrated platform that will activate a specific chatbot action.

Flow XO pricing: 

  • Free plan, 500 interactions, 5 bots, 2 weeks of logs 
  • $19/month, 5,000 interactions, 15 bots or active flows, 3 months of logs (+$10/additional 5 bots, +$24/additional 25,000 interactions)


source: wotnot.io

With WotNot you can create omnichannel, multilingual chatbots, no coding required. The drag and drop builder lets you build bots from scratch or you can use pre-made templates. WotNot offers both chatbot and live chat functionality so you automate onboarding and include human interaction when needed. 

WotNot pricing: 

  • 14 day free trial 
  • $99/month, unlimited conversation, users and data storage


source: mobilemonkey.com

MobileMonkey automates your conversations through Facebook, SMS and on-site bots. Capture leads, segment audiences and build messenger funnels with customizable conversation triggers. MobileMonkey can send you alerts when the bot detects a hot lead so your sales team can take over the conversation when needed. 

MobileMonkey pricing: 

  • $0/month, Facebook Messenger bot basics, audience segmentation tools  
  • $98/year, includes WordPress integration for Messenger bots 
  • $49/month, advances Facebook automation and audience segmentation  
  • $79/month, integrated with Facebook ads for funnels and enhanced analytics 


source: hellotars.com

TARS is recognized by G2 as the best bot builder software for medium sized businesses,  in part due to how involved TARS is in their customers’ purchasing and setup process.

 Like many bot builders on this list, TARS lets you create messenger chatbots for your website, WhatsApp and Facebook. 

When you subscribe to any monthly plan, you not only get a powerful AI messaging assistant but also training videos, webinars and even personalized consultations in case you get stuck in the setup and deployment process.

TARS pricing: 

  • $400/mo for 5 Web Chatbots, 5000 Chats/month, 3 users, 1 WhatsApp Chatbot + $10/100 additional chat
  • $899/mo 10 Web Chatbots, 15000 Chats/month, 5 users, 2 WhatsApp Chatbots
  • Custom enterprise pricing 

HubSpot Chatbot

source: hubspot.com

HubSpot’s chatbot builder lets you personalize your conversions at scale thanks to their chatbot software being integrated with the Hubspot CRM. You can use their chatbots to qualify leads, answer questions instantly, book meetings and more. Hubspot’s drag and drop builder lets you customize every aspect of your chatbot from tone of voice to adding questions and multiple choice answers.

HubSpot pricing:

FREE. The Hubspot Chatbot comes included in the free Hubspot CRM plan.


source: aivo.co

Aivo uses a semantic engine to humanize automated customer service at scale. Aivos’s deep-learning AI and natural language understanding can use informal language, contextualization, emojis and automatic correction to give chatbots a human touch. Aivo can chat with your customers on Messenger, WhatsApp and Instagram. The Live Chat With AI tool aids agents in providing effective responses to queries in less time. 

Aivo pricing: 

  • $99/mo +$0.15 per conversation, all messaging channels, conversational AI engine, CX analytics, Zendesk integration
  • $399/mo +$0.14 per conversation, Zapier integration, Outbound SMS and WhatsApp templates
  • Custom pricing  

Octane AI 

source: octaneai.com

Octane AI grows Shopify store owners’ conversions through shop quizes, Messenger, SMS & opt-in tools. Personalize your buyer’s journey and solve their problems by building conversations, sending sponsored messages and re-engaging customers and increasing marketing opt-ins.

Octane AI pricing: 

  • $29/month, 250 monthly engaged customer 
  • $199/month, 1,700 monthly engages customers
  • $499/month, 5,000 monthly engaged customers


source: chatfuel.com

Chatfuel is a drag-and-drop Messenger chatbot builder that lets you automate customer support, lead generation and chat marketing. Chatfuel’s native language processing can identify user intent and reply automatically for certain queries. Chatfuel also stores data of interested leads so you can get in touch with them later. 

Chatfuel pricing: 

  • Free, 50 bot users, all Chatfuel features 
  • $15/mo, unlimited bot users (price increases per user), Shopify, Facebook store, Facebook ads and Instagram DMs integration, FAQs responses with built-in AI engine 


source: imperson.com

Imperson’s unique chatbots are the epitome of customizability. They can engage your audience on their preferred channels in informative, playful or intelligent ways. Qualify leads and handle complex inquiries with increased efficiency through natural language conversations. Imperson’s analytics dashboard gives you and your chatbots all the information needed to convert warm leads and reduce bounce rates.

Imperson pricing:

per-user pricing, $0.1 per message 

Genesys DX

Genesys DX (formerly Bold360) ActionBot is a highly popular chatbot solution that utilizes NLP to automate outreach, purchase assistance and customer support. ActionBot can integrate with your website, Facebook, WhatsApp, e-shop and mobile application to improve communication between you and your customers. 

Genesys DX pricing: 

  • $75/month, inbound and outbound voice, data storage, API requests
  • $110/month, AI-powered customer engagement, unlimited email and chat conversations
  • $140/month, Genyses Cloud CX1, SMS and messaging app routing 
  • Custom pricing 

So how will social media automation help me?

In today’s age of fierce market competition and wide-spread digitalization, marketers and businesses need as much help as they can get if they want to stay ahead of the pack. The social media and marketing automation tools we went over in this article will help you optimize your social presence, organize your content curation, delivery and automate conversations with your customers. 


Collaborate, approve & schedule
social media content with Kontentino

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