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Kontentino boosts the productivity of bigger teams up to 42%*.

Bigger teams (30+ people) and international social media collaboration bring even more communication challenges. Kontentino helps you to eliminate stress, errors and save a huge amount of time (that can be used much more efficiently). Want to know more?

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Simplify your social media approval workflow ​​​​​​​with custom features and dedicated support:

Enterprise social media content management approvals


Give any team member only the permissions they need, create the perfect social media approval workflow and a set of rules to fit your needs.

Dedicated account manager to help with Kontentino social media management tool


24/7 premium support to help you anytime, onsite onboarding for the whole team - our team will come directly to you and demonstrate the product, a dedicated account manager to preferentially solve all your problems.

Enterprise social media management - Unlimited storage and user accounts


With our plan for enterprises, you get an unlimited storage space for all your content and multimedia files. Use as many social media profiles as you need.

International social media content management with Kontentino Enterprise


Prevent mistakes and misunderstandings in the adaptation of global content through local teams.

Kontentino Enterprise = Custom social media analytics and KPIs


Report easily, see what posts are performing the best based on selected metrics. See the benchmarks and set your social media KPIs. Custom metrics tailored for your specific analytics and reporting system.

Kontentino Enterprise - Cash flow planning and payment options


Enterprise solution can get your team better price per user and flexible payment options. Get a quote for your team.

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Trusted by more than 4000 agencies and brands

"What we found after introducing Kontentino, was that producing content became a lot more efficient and a lot more effective."

James Aris, Digital Marketing & Communications Manager, Asahi Beer

Enterprise social media management with Kontentino James Aris

Built-in security and compliance

Kontentino ensures sensitive company and customer information remains secure with enterprise-ready security features and compliance with various industry and cloud service standards.

If you are interested, please contact us for more information about the features and pricing.

Hana Novakova - Contact for Kontentino Enterprise social media management solutions

Hana Novakova

Head of Customer Success Management

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