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Social media planning without spreadsheets

Kontentino is the most human-friendly social media tool for agencies and brands. Created in a digital advertising  agency, it is tailored for effective agency - client collaboration.

Looking at social media tools

Before Kontentino, we used tools like spreadsheets, e-mails or presentations. It caused many mistakes and it was a mess.

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Need help with social media workflow

Is Kontentino right for you?  Do some of these sound familiar?

You accidentally posted the wrong post version. You played e-mail ping pong with your clients. You got lost in the client’s feedback. Clients couldn’t see what the post will actually look like. Excel sheets weren’t visual enough. You haven’t been able to find the latest picture from a graphic designer in your inbox. You forgot to publish a post. Your social media workflow is a mess. You spent all day creating a client report. You don’t understand the numbers in your analytics. You’re tired of unreliable social media tools.

We were all there. 

We built Kontentino to help you with all of it.

We streamline social media workflow for agencies and clients.

How does Kontentino do this?

Manage multiple clients

Have your content organized for each client. Have all calendars, people, content and visual assets in a dedicated place for each client. Store an unlimited number of images and manage all your visual inventory with easy access for your social media managers.

Plan social content

Create and organize all your social media posts in one intuitive calendar. Have all posts or ads perfectly organized in one place. Reschedule or copy by drag and drop easily, see the planned budget, keep content topic balance with labels and much more.

Collaborate within the agency

Forget tons of emails, forget useless meetings. Social media workflows can be a mess. With Kontentino, you send your post to a graphic designer, copywriter or translator with just one click. Comment and plan the social media content together right next to the live post preview.

Easy client approval

Clients approve posts from anywhere. We truly understand the value of every client’s time. Therefore, we created the most intuitive and convenient client interface for quick content feedback and final approval. Clients comment or approve posts in Kontentino calendar or mobile app with just one click. Finally - an intuitive social media approval tool!

Publishing to social media

Plan and publish to most social media platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest. We support the most post and ad formats from all social media management tools. Because if you can’t plan, approve and schedule LinkedIn video, the tool is useless. That is why we always implement the newest formats first.

Reports & analytics

Prepare a report for your clients in a few clicks. Get valuable insights about posts, campaigns or page performance. See which posts were performing the best based on the selected metric. See the budget spend, optimization, benchmarks and KPIs. Create truly valuable reports for your clients with one click.

Kontentino social media tool for agencies - Manage multiple clients
Kontentino for agencies and brands - Social media content planning
Agency social media collaboration without emails
Social media client approvals with Kontentino Social media workflows - Content approvals via mobile app
Smart social media tool for agencies - Publishing to social media Kontentino social media workflow - Publishing content to Instagram Kontentino social media workflow for agencies - Publishing content to LinkedIn
Social media workflow KPIs and reporting with Kontentino  Managing social media tools for agencies - Communication about KPIs and metrics Detailed social media performance analytics for agencies with Kontentino

Kontentino is easy&fast to implement

Kontentino is an intuitive social media tool, so everybody in your team can use it right away.
To help you become an expert, we give each client a personalized training. Just sign up and choose your training time. 

It took only 2 days to onboard 50 people in BBDO and it saves them 40% on operational tasks each month.

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